World-Class Research Conferences:
ICRD offers most up dated and latest themes for its conferences, and creates value for your money through its premier conferences. Some of our conferences are brand leaders in Google rankings. The ICRD facilitates researchers all over the world to share their research findings with other intellectuals and publish the research findings.
Publication of your Research Work:
The ICRD provides you with an opportunity to retain your copyrights of the presented research Paper. You are free to publish your research paper in other journals of your choice although you presented it in ICRD conference.
Great Networking opportunities:
ICRD conferences offer great opportunities to experience and unmatched, exceptional networking opportunities such as Conference dinners with cultural performances and study tours to enjoy the attractions of the host country and many more…..
Academic / Tourism Conferences /Study Abroad format:
Selecting exotic travel locations as our conference venues, and promoting cultural interactions with the host community is one of the policies of the ICRD. The complimentary post conference one day bus tour provides an opportunity to explore the many attractions of the host country/ city.


Empower First Timers’ through support and guidance:
The ICRD creates positive energy through youthfulness and innovative ideas. Therefore, the ICRD encourages the ‘first timers’ providing various support and guidance to enhance their knowledge and to improve their research skills through by participation in its conferences. In addition, the ICRD channel the gap between the ‘first timers’ and eminent associates of the ICRD.
World Class food and high tea sessions:
ICRD select finest food in the country to serve our visitors. The best in the country and the menus are International. You can find Arabian to North American cuisines and from Scandinavian to India and Chinese cuisines.
Creating energy through other activities:
We build long lasting academic relationships through our conferences. Therefore we create full of activities you can involve with like Ice-breaks, cultural items, competitions and interactive games. We promote participants’ aesthetic skills in our conferences.
Listeners’ friendly conferences:
ICRD encourages professional from academia and from industries to participate in its conferences as ‘Listeners’ to grasp new trends, for enhance knowledge, to get innovative research ideas and to establish networks with international participants. Therefore, you can invite your co-authors, friends and colleagues to register for these pioneering conferences.
ICRD Ethics & Value for money:
Providing prompt and quick communications to your correspondence is the communication policy of the ICRD. The ICRD takes care of your needs and caters professionally. Hospitality is supreme with ICRD.The ICRD respect your privacy and keep all correspondence confidentially and do not release, sell , or give your information to a third party without your knowledge or consent.
Multi-Lingual Presentations:
The ICRD will arrange special sessions in regional languages in order to facilitate the researchers in the region (in the host country) along with the normal presentations in English language. Therefore, presenters will get the benefit of delivering their presentations in languages such as Chinese, Thai etc.