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In evaluating conference research papers, several fundamental criteria are essential to ensure the quality and relevance of the contributions. These criteria typically include originality, significance, and clarity of the research presented. Assessing the novelty of the research, its potential impact on the field, and the effectiveness of its communication are vital aspects considered during the evaluation process.

The following are the basic criteria for evaluation of conference research papers.


  • Originality of Question: Is the study question original and it is well defined?
  • Advancement of Knowledge: Do the results provide an advance in current knowledge?
  • Quality of Presentation: Is the paper written in an appropriate way?
  • Scientific Soundness: Has the study followed the scientific method correctly?
  • Technical Soundness: Is the paper technically written?
  • Interest to the Readers: Are the conclusions interesting to the readers?
  • Widely Accepted: Will the paper attract a wide readership?
  • Overall Popularity: Is there an overall benefit to publishing this work?
  • Current Knowledge: Does the work provide an advance towards current knowledge?
  • Language: Is the  language appropriate and understandable?

Manuscripts submitted to UCC conferences should meet the highest standards of publication ethics:

  • Manuscripts have not been submitted or published before, even in part.
  • Manuscripts must be original and should not reuse text from another source without appropriate citation.
  • The study should have been carried out in accordance with generally accepted ethical research standards.
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