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The Publication Process of the International Center for Research & Development (ICRD) embodies a commitment to academic excellence and scholarly dissemination. With a rigorous peer-review system, papers submitted to ICRD undergo thorough evaluation by experts in their respective fields. Accepted papers are presented at ICRD conferences and subsequently published in conference proceedings and journals, contributing to the advancement of knowledge, and fostering collaboration within the global research community.

Publication Process of International Center for Research & Development

1. Submission : Authors submit their research papers to ICRD through an online submission system. Submissions must adhere to the conference's formatting and submission guidelines.

2. Initial Screening : Submitted papers undergo an initial screening by the ICRD Editorial Board to ensure they meet the conference's scope and quality standards. Papers that meet the criteria are assigned to reviewers for further evaluation.

3. Peer Review : Each submitted paper undergoes a double-blind peer-review process by experts in the relevant field. Reviewers assess the paper's originality, significance, methodology, clarity, and adherence to ethical standards.

4. Review Decision : Based on the reviewers' comments and recommendations, the Editorial Board makes a decision regarding the acceptance, rejection, or revision of the paper. Authors are notified of the decision along with reviewers' feedback.

5. Revision (if required) : If revisions are suggested, authors are given an opportunity to revise their papers based on the reviewers' comments and submit a revised version within a specified timeframe.

6. Final Decision : Revised papers are re-evaluated by the Editorial Board to ensure that all reviewers' concerns have been addressed satisfactorily. A final decision regarding acceptance for presentation at the conference is made.

7. Conference Presentation : Accepted papers are included in the conference program and presented by the authors during the conference sessions. Presenters have the opportunity to share their research findings and engage in discussions with fellow attendees.

8. Publication : Accepted papers are published in the conference proceedings, which may be made freely accessible online following the conference. Authors retain copyright of their work while granting ICRD permission to publish and distribute the proceedings.

9. Optional Extended Publication : Selected high-quality papers may be invited for further revision and consideration for publication in affiliated journals or edited volumes, subject to additional peer review and editorial processes.

10. Post-Conference Access : Conference proceedings and any extended publications are made available to the global research community, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and fostering scholarly collaboration.

By following this comprehensive publication process, ICRD aims to ensure the quality, integrity, and impact of the research presented at its conferences, promoting excellence and facilitating scholarly exchange and collaboration.

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