Posters – an opportunity to attract interest for your research project and engage with fellow delegates throughout the whole conference, posters are an excellent way for presenters to focus on delivery of succinct, attention grabbing information in a visual format.

Instruction for Poster Preparation

Dimensions : 36” (Height) x 25” (Width) inches (Maximum)

Paper (Recycle )

• Design the poster to address one central question. State the question clearly in the poster, then use your discussion time with individuals to expand or expound upon issues surrounding that central theme.

• Provide an explicit take-home message.

•  Summarize implications and conclusions briefly, and in user-friendly language.

• Give credit where it is due. Have an acknowledgements section, in smaller font size (maybe 14 – 18 point), where you acknowledge contributors and funding organizations.

•  Vary the size and spacing of the poster sections to add visual interest, but do so in moderation.

•  Do not wander too far away from your poster during the session; be available for discussion !

An effective poster is … Focused on a single message.

Graphic – Lets graphs and images tell the story; uses text sparingly.

Keeps the sequence well-ordered and obvious.