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INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT - A member of The Union of International Associations [ UIA]

We offer complimentary membership for paper presenters and audience members of the  ICRD conferences.

Membership Benefits 

  • International community
  • Growing network of  membership belongs to  5 continents in 160 countries.
  • Professional recognition
  • Discounted registration fees
  • Session chair,Keynote speaker positions
  • Academic leaderships/ Country representative

 Levels of membership 

1) ICRD Fellow (FICRD)

ICRD Fellow (FICRD) is conferred on Researchers and Scientists and shall be conferred only on invitation of the Advisory board upon a person of distinction and outstanding qualifications, and who has made extraordinary contributions in their respective field.

2) Senior Member of ICRD (SMICRD)

You need the following three factors to consider your application

1)      PhD holders with more than 10 years research experience
2)      Keynote speaker of any ICRD conferences
3)      Hold senior academic position in a University/college

Member of ICRD : ( Membership is valid for 10 years )

You need the following to consider your application

1) Presented at least one paper (Oral/Poster) at ICRD conferences
2) Audience member of any ICRD conference


If you are interested to obtain the free membership of  ICRD and you have the above qualifications please upload your CV.  


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