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The International Conference on Language, Literature & Linguistics serves as a premier platform for scholars, researchers, educators, and practitioners to explore the multifaceted dimensions of language, literature, and linguistics. This conference provides a vibrant forum for interdisciplinary exchange, where participants delve into diverse topics ranging from literary analysis and linguistic theory to language acquisition and translation studies. Through keynote presentations, panel discussions, and paper presentations, attendees engage in stimulating dialogue and share cutting-edge research findings, fostering intellectual growth and collaboration within the field. With a global perspective, the conference embraces linguistic diversity and cultural richness, offering insights into how language shapes societies and identities across the world. Whether delving into the nuances of literary texts or examining the intricacies of language structure, participants can expect to gain valuable insights and forge connections with peers passionate about advancing knowledge in language, literature, and linguistics.

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Dr.Lesley Ljungdahl
University of Technology
Sydney , Australia)

Dr. S. Ramaratnam
Vice Chancellor
Jagadguru Kripalu University (JKU)
Odisha, India

Prof. Donathan Brown
Rochester Institute of Technology
New York
United States of America

John Walsh D.Phil
Associate Dean and Director,
English Language Programs,
International College,
Krirk University, Thailand


Prof. Donathan Brown (USA)
Dr. Ramaratnam (India)
Prof. Brinda J. Mehta (USA)
Prof. Reito Adachi (Japan)
Dr. Mar Galindo Merino (Spain)
Prof. Shobha Shinde (India)
Dr. Dale Konstanz (USA)

Prof. Bas Aarts (United Kingdom)
Prof. Akemi Matsuya (Japan)
Dr. Ahmed Elnimeiri (UAE)
Prof. Manalansan Mylene (Philippines)
Prof. Dr. Gunawan Suryoputro (Indonesia)
Prof. Jagdish Batra (India)
Dr. Charles Brown (Japan)

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