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How to Join Future ICRD Conferences

You can participate in any of our forthcoming conferences hosted by ICRD. Our conferences welcome a diverse range of individuals including academics, researchers, professionals, scientists, government, and non-governmental employees, as well as members of the public who are interested in the subject matter. We offer various admission categories to accommodate different attendees, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility. These categories may include options such as regular admission, student rates, early bird discounts, and special packages for groups or organizations. This inclusive approach ensures that our conferences serve as platforms for knowledge exchange and collaboration among a broad spectrum of stakeholders from different backgrounds and disciplines.

  • Join as a listener
  • Join as a paper presenter***
  • Join as a poster presenter***
  • Join as virtual presenter ***
  • Join as a Keynote speaker
  • Join as a sponsor

Follow these steps

1) Communicate with the contact person in the relevant conference web site

2) Send an abstract or brief summery about you and your work

3) Obtain the official acceptance letter

4) Register for the conference

5) Arrange logistics to attend the event

*** If you are a paper, poster or virtual presenter you need to send an abstract to consider its suitability for the conference.

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