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The "International Conference on Global Public Health" serves as a vital gathering point for experts, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to collectively address pressing public health challenges on a global scale. This conference offers a platform for multidisciplinary dialogue, enabling participants to share insights, best practices, and innovative solutions aimed at improving population health outcomes worldwide. With a focus on collaboration and knowledge exchange, attendees have the opportunity to explore a diverse array of topics, including infectious diseases, health equity, environmental health, and healthcare systems strengthening. Through keynote presentations, panel discussions, and poster sessions, the conference facilitates meaningful engagement and fosters partnerships to drive actionable strategies for advancing public health agendas. By harnessing the collective expertise and commitment of its participants, the conference endeavors to catalyze positive change and contribute to the attainment of sustainable development goals related to health and well-being.

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ISBN Prefix: 978-1-988652

Global Public Health -  International Center For Research & Development (ICRD) Conferences


Prof. Ian Newman (USA)
Department of Educational Psychology,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln,
Nebraska, USA

Prof. Newell Johnson (Australia)
Honorary Professor of Dental Research,
Griffith University, Australia

Prof. Amardeep Thind (Canada)
Departments of Epidemiology and Family Medicine,
Western University, Canada.

Dr.  Ashish Joshi (USA)
Associate Dean,
School of Public Health,
City University of New York,
New York, USA

Dr. Ying Zhang (Australia)
School of Public Health,
University of Sydney,


Dr. Klaus Irrgang (Canada)
Prof. Paul Illingworth (U K)
Prof. Ian Newman (USA)
Prof. Amardeep Thind (Canada)
Dr. Ashish Joshi (USA)
Dr. Fernando B. Garcia Jr (Philippine)
Prof. Ram Reifen (Israel)
Prof. Bhavani Shankar (UK)
Prof. Peter Nyasulu (South Africa)
Prof. Chandra M Pandey (India)
Prof. Zailina Hashim (Malaysia)
Prof. Vikas Bhatia (India)

Dr. Indika Pathiraja (Sri Lanka)
Dr. Monika Nitschke (Australia)
Dr. Uma Singh (India)
Dr. Chris Stout (USA)
Dr. Ying Zhang (Australia)
Dr. Vathsala Sadan (India)
Dr. Bambang Wispriyono (Indonesia)
Prof. Cindy Wang (China)
Dr. Marie Caesarini (Indonesia)
Dr Brett Aimers (Australia)
Dr. Praveen G Pai (India)
Dr Neha Patil (India)

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