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Hon. Members of the Advisory Board

The advisory members of ICRD play a pivotal role in shaping the direction and scope of the conferences, offering invaluable expertise and guidance to ensure the relevance and quality of the events. With their diverse backgrounds and extensive experience, these esteemed individuals contribute to the success and impact of ICRD conferences, helping to advance knowledge and foster innovation in various fields of research and development.

The following eminent researchers have been appointed as the members of the Advisory board of the ICRD (2024- 2029)

  • Dr. Donathan L. Brown, Vice Provost, Northeastern University, USA (USA)
  • Prof. Tennyson Samraj, Professor of Philosophy, Burman University (Canada)
  • Dr. P.B. Dharmasena, Rajarata University (Sri Lanka)
  • Dr. Franz Uiblein, Principal Scientist, Institute of Marine Research (Norway)
  • Prof. Ludo M. VENY, Professor of Legal Studies, Gent University (Belgium)
  • Prof. N. S. Cooray, Professor of Economics, International University of Japan (Japan)
  • Prof. H.D. Karunaratna, Professor of Business Economics, University of Colombo (Sri Lanka)
  • Dr. Ying Zhang, Professor of Public Health, University of Sydney (Australia)
  • Dr. Ramaratnam, Vice Chancellor, JGK University (India)
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