The following eminent researchers have been appointed as the members of the Advisory board of the ICRD

( 2019- 2024)


Prof. Ludo M. VENY, Professor of Legal Studies, Gent University, Belgium  ( Belgium)

Dr. Donathan L. Brown , Asst. Provost and Asst. Vice President- Rochester Institute of Technology. (USA)

Dr. Franz Uiblein, Principal Scientist, Institute of Marine Research (Norway)

Prof. Toshiichi Endo , Professor of Buddhism, University of Hong Kong  (Hong Kong)

Prof. N. S. Cooray, Professor of Economics, International University of Japan  ( Japan)

Prof. H.D. Karunaratna, Professor of Business Economics, University of Colombo  (Sri Lanka)

Dr. Ying Zhang, Professor of Public Health , University of Sydney ( Australia)

Dr. Ramaratnam, Vice Chalcellor, JGK University ( India)

Dr. S. Sivalingam, M&E, Australia