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The International Conference on Research and Development (ICRD) offers exceptional opportunities to showcase your products and services to a targeted audience comprising influential decision-makers. We cordially invite your organization to participate in these distinguished conferences, providing a platform to expose your offerings to influential research communities and reap the associated benefits.

Banner in the conference website

A powerful method to ensure maximum exposure for your brand is to feature your latest color logo exclusively on the event homepage. This strategic placement will directly link all visitors of the event website to your company's website, providing them with easy access to learn more about your products and services.

Banner in the conference program

A prominent banner in the conference program will highlight key sponsors and collaborators, ensuring their visibility and recognition throughout the event.

Co-branding of ICRD Conferences

The co-branding opportunities available at ICRD Conferences provide a platform for partners to enhance their visibility and credibility within the research community, fostering mutually beneficial relationships and facilitating collaborative endeavors.

Distributing brochures

A reliable approach to ensure that every conference delegate receives your latest color brochure is by having our event staff personally distribute it at the Event Registration Desk. This ensures direct and widespread dissemination among all attendees, maximizing exposure to your promotional material.

Conference Bag

Company name and logo will be printed on the bag.

Company literature, pens, and other promotional materials

Contact us for the rates: registericrd@gmail.com

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